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At Carrithers Law Office, PLLC, we have the legal experience and the technical knowledge to help you fully protect your IP. We focus exclusively on intellectual property law, so your case is always our top priority.

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Intellectual property is an immensely valuable tool for providing and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Patents, trademarks and trade secrets define the right of a business to compete in the marketplace and gain an advantage against competitors by the development and exclusive use of technology. Protecting intellectual property not only provides the owner with a competitive edge, but also often protects the owner’s right to use the technology forming the basis for your firm’s daily business and even its survival.

It is important that your current and pending intellectual property be fully protected by state and federal law to ensure your rights to practice your technology and/or provide a competitive advantage.

Extensive Industrial Experience.
Broad Technical Background.

Carrithers Law Office, PLLC  has the technical and legal background and experience to provide maximum legal protection for your intellectual property. Our professionals have technical degrees in biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.

Carrithers Law Office, PLLC  has served in the capacity of in-house counsel, providing consultation and strategy with regard to IP matters, including patent, trademark, trade secret, licensing technology and agreements, search and infringement opinions, and due diligence investigations relating to the acquisition and merger of related businesses. We serve clients throughout the United States as well as in foreign countries. We maintain close ties with foreign associates to assist in the international filing and prosecution of patents and trademarks.

We offer on-site services to industrial clients and often visit research or manufacturing facilities to meet with scientists and inventors, to conduct seminars, and to work with companies to identify and protect patentable technology ranging from chemical compositions and processes to mechanical inventions.

Moreover, we routinely meet with patent examiners in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to present persuasive evidence such as videos or prototypes to the examiner to overcome rejections and maintain a high rate of success in obtaining patents for our clients. When necessary, we work one-on-one with examiners to demonstrate the improvements and advances your product offers over existing technology. Such meetings provide an opportunity to develop a good working relationship with the examiners and an understanding of the patent process from the examiner’s perspective, enabling us to focus on the key issues to obtain the best prosecution results possible.

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