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Harry Chapman

Harry Chapman

Louisville, Kentucky

M.S. Degree in Inorganic Chemistry - University of Illinois 1977
B.S. Degreee in Chemistry - Lincoln University 1973

 Mr. Chapman earned an M.S. Degree in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Illinois as a Research Fellow in 1977, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Lincoln University B.S. Magna Cum Laude  in 1973.

 Mr. Chapman retired from Dow Corning Corporation as the Quaility Manager for the  Elizabethtown, Kentucky facility.  During his career at Dow Corning, Mr. Chapman served as the Manager of Analytical Development, Research Specialist and Group Leader for Elastomers Research, Project Chemist conducting research in high consistency silicone elastomers, reinforcement, wet process silica synthesis, transparrent silicone elastomers for defense and aerospace applications, hyprophillic silicone gelsand silicone-organic block opolymers.

 From 1973-1975, Mr. Chapman served in the United States Army, Ft. Devens, MA in the Military Intelligence, Army Security Agency.

 In addition to Mr. Chapman's patent prosecution work, he currently serves as an Adjunct Chemistry Professor  at St. Catharine College, Jefferson Community College, and Elizabethtown Community College.

 A list of Mr. Chapman's industrial publications and patents are as follows:

 Lee, Chi Long; Chapman, Harry L.; Cifuentes, Martin E.; Lee, Kenneth M.; Merrill, Linda D.; Ulman, Katherine L.; Venkataraman, Krishnaswamy.  Effects of polymer structure on the gas permeability of silicone membranes.    J. Membr. Sci.  (1988),  38(1),  55-70.  CODEN: JMESDO  ISSN:0376-7388.  CAN 109:151191  AN 1988:551191   
 Lee, C. L.; Chapman, H. L.; Cifuentes, M. E.; Lee, K. M.; Merrill, L. D.; Ulman, K. C.; Venkataraman, K.  Silicone polymer membranes for air separation.    Spec. Publ. - R. Soc. Chem.  (1986),  62(Membr. Gas Sep. Enrich.),  364-81.  CODEN: SROCDO  ISSN:0260-6291.  CAN 106:21
6358  AN 1987:216358  
  Lee, C. L.; Chapman, H. L.; Lee, K. M.; Cifuentes, M. E.; Ulman, K. L.; Stern, S. A. Hardy, B.
 Shah, V.  Investigation of Structure-Permeability Relationships of Silicone Polymers, Proceedings of MMI International Membrane Symposium, (1984)
 Ulman, K. L.; Lee, C. L.; Chapman, H. L. Investigation of Progesterone Diffusion Through Unfilled Alkylmethylsiloxane Membranes.  Proceedings of MMI International Membrane Symposium (1984)
 Lutz, Michael A.; Polmanteer, Keith E.; Chapman, Harry L..  Novel wet-process silica prepared from alkyl silicates.  Part I:  Synthesis.    Rubber Chem. Technol.  (1985),  58(5),  939-52.  CODEN: RCTEA4  ISSN:0035-9475.  CAN 104:169832  AN 1986:169832 
 Chapman, Harry L.; Lutz, Michael A.; Polmanteer, Keith E.  Novel wet-process silica prepared from alkyl silicates.  Part II:  Performance in reinforcing silicone elastomers.    Rubber Chem. Technol.  (1985),  58(5),  953-64.  CODEN: RCTEA4  ISSN:0035-9475.  CAN 104:169833  AN 1986:169833
 Polmanteer, Keith E.; Chapman, Harry L.; Lutz, Michael A.  Novel wet-process silica prepared from alkyl silicates.  Part III:  Use in silicone elastomers for optical applications.    Rubber Chem. Technol.  (1985),  58(5),  965-72.  CODEN: RCTEA4  ISSN:0035-9475.  CAN 104:169834  AN 1986:169834 
 Polmanteer, Keith E.; Chapman, Harry L..  Optically clear silicone compositions curable to elastomers.    U.S.  Patent 4418165 (1983),     25 pp. Cont.-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 156,003, abandoned.  CODEN: USXXAM  US  4418165  A  19831129  CAN 100:56895  AN 1984:56895   
 Polmanteer, Keith Earl; Chapman, Harry Lee.  Optically clear silicone compositions curable to elastomers.    Eur. Pat. Appl.  (1982),     87 pp.  CODEN: EPXXDW  EP  43640  A1  19820113  CAN 96:129827  AN 1982:129827   
 Haight, G. P., Jr.; Belford, R. Linn; Chapman, Harry.  Dioxo-m,m-dioxodimolybdenum(V):  reactions of [tetraoxodimolybdenum](2+) with bidentate ligands.    Chem. Uses Molybdenum, Proc. Int. Conf., 3rd  (1979),     245-8.  CODEN: 43RZAV  CAN 93:196799  AN 1980:596799

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