Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Sophisticated Trademark Representation

In the current commercial environment, few things are more important to the success of a business or product than brand identity. And fewer things are more likely to be “softly” pilfered by other businesses to turn their own profits. Although trademark protection and compliance are extremely important to commercial success, they are not easily managed. For any successful business, there is a lot at stake when it comes to trademark and trade dress protection. You should only entrust your trademark representation to a team of attorneys with experience and a reputation for success.

We represent small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large corporations in trademark and trade dress issues. We focus exclusively on the protection of intellectual property rights for our clients.

We provide trademark and trade dress services that include:

  • Searches: When developing a brand logo, product visual or other trademark or trade dress, we do the research to make sure your designs are not too close to anything already registered. We can help you avoid a costly lawsuit.
  • Registration: Our attorneys can help you get your trademarks or trade dresses registered to ensure your intellectual property protection.
  • Defense and prosecution: We defend clients accused of trademark or trade dress infringement. Our attorneys also bring claims against other corporations for trademark or trade dress violations.

Trademark and trade dress are extremely complicated areas of law. Our attorneys bring the knowledge, experience and focus needed to protect our clients’ interests.

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