Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Comprehensive Copyright Protection

If you are an architect, draftsman, industrial software designer, publishers, advertising or marketing firm, painter, graphic designer, writer, songwriter or any other type of creative artist – or a manager for a creative artist – copyright issues are more important than you might think. Without adequate copyright protection, your creative works could be pilfered by other artists for their profit and your loss. Although the legal nuances around copyright law seem far from the realm of the creative arts, failing to handle your copyright matters properly could prove financially catastrophic for your artistic career.

We serve clients throughout the United States. Our lawyers have exceptional experience and knowledge, and we focus our legal efforts on protecting our clients’ rights in intellectual property law issues including copyright protection. Our experience, focus and track record of success  has earned us a reputation as a premier intellectual property law firm.

We secure copyright protections for our clients , for all types of artwork including written textual material, music, paintings, prints, industrial designs, toy and doll designs, sports equipment, visual art and designs, clothing, jewelry, furniture, computer software and phone apps, and combinations thereof.

Some or our more interesting copyright work was for the Elvis Presley collection including:

  • Eagle Buckle VA1-372-266
  • Peacock Cape VA 1-381-106
  • Double Disk Buckle  VA 1 -348-136
  • Owl Buckle VA 1-366-327
  • Saturn Buckle VA 1-366-328
  • Gypsy Suit VA 1-366-329
  • Old Indian Suit VA 1-366-330
  • Fish KOS. Buckle VA 1-366-331
  • Tiger Belt VA 1-366-332
  • Tiger Suit VA 1-366-333
  • Alpine Belt VA 1-366-334
  • Gypsy Belt VA 1-366-335
  • Old Indian Belt VA 1-366-336
  • Alpine Suite VA 1-366-337
  • Dragon Suit VA 1-366-338
  • Dragon Belt VA 1-366-339
  • Peacock Suit VA 1-366-340
  • Peacock Belt VA 1-366-341
  • Prehistoric Bird Belt VA 1-366-342
  • Sundial Suit VA 1-366-343
  • Prehistoric Bird Suit VA 1-366-344
  • Sundial Belt VA 1-366-345
  • ELVIS BELT #2; VA 1-232-668 and ALOHA COSTUME VA 1-279-195

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