Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Exclusive Rights To An Original Design Or Invention

Anyone operating a business for any length of time knows the competitive nature of intellectual property law. This competitiveness might be most prevalent in the area of patents for designs and utilities. As soon as a new invention or innovation comes into existence, an entire team of other similar businesses will be looking for ways to copy it for their own benefit. For businesses with a new invention, seeking to buy or sell a patent or doing any kind of inventing, it is critical to have a firm with knowledgeable patent lawyers as part of your team protecting your interests.

At Carrithers Law Office, PLLC, we are a premier intellectual property law firm serving clients throughout the United States and in foreign countries. Our attorneys focus exclusively in IP law, which allows us to give this complex practice area the focus and knowledge required for success.

Utility And Design Patents

A utility or design patent gives the holder the legal right to exclusively manufacture, use or sell an invention.

At Carrithers Law Office, PLLC, we provide all types of solutions regarding utility and design patents:

  • Patent searches: If a business is creating any kind of new invention, it will need to research to make sure their new invention isn’t too similar to something that has already been invented and patented. Failure to do this due diligence could result in criminal prosecution or a civil lawsuit.
  • Merger and Acquisition: Due diligence IP investigations of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret portfolios or potential business ventures.
  • Patent acquisitions: Our lawyers represent businesses in their efforts to acquire patent protection for their original inventions and designs.
  • Patent transactions: Our attorneys provide legal counsel and contractual support for purchase/sale agreements of patents, as well as leasing and use agreements. These are complex, high-stakes transactions, so make sure you work with a legal team you can trust to protect your interests.
  • Patent disputes and litigation: We can represent plaintiffs bringing civil claims of patent and design theft, or we can represent small businesses or major corporations defending against these claims.
  • International Patents: Preparation and filing of PCT and U.S. applications in other countries and filing and prosecution of foreign patents before U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Our lawyers take a thorough, detailed approach, backed by the experience essential to success in this complex area of law.

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